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The Cardas Patended Binding Post system is sold as a complete unit, and can be purchased at any Cardas dealer. A unit consists of a single knob, the top clamp, two posts, the base, and a 1/4-28 allen bolt. To install on a pair of speakers, you will need two units.

All variations start with the part name ”CPBP” (Cardas Patented Binding Post), followed by the type & length of posts. When ordering, please specify the type of posts you would like. Options include:

Bare copper, short (CPBP CS)Bare copper, long (CPBP CL)

Rhodium/Silver plated short (CPBP CRS)

Rhodium/Silver plated long (CPBP CRL).

The plastic knurled knob comes standard. To upgrade to a different knob, please choose from this list:

Anodized black (KAB)Bare aluminum (KBA)

Aluminum Nautilus (KN)

Custom laser engraved (KAE)

A black, 1/4-28 allen bolt is supplied with each unit. Longer or shorter bolts with the same thread may also be used.

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